SIMS Platform

SicuroIMS is supported by a powerful, web-based analytical platform that assists the team to deliver high-volume, high-fidelity security information and analysis. Launched more than 7 years ago, SicuroIMS became the first and is now the oldest incident mapping platform in the region. This comprehensive database of geo-tagged security incident reports, enables clients to view security trends and use the data for their own analysis. 

The research and analysis team produces thousands of incidents weekly, that are stored into the SicuroIMS incident analytic and mapping platform that becomes the baseline for Sicuro’s analysis and assessment. Designed for high-volume incident storage, processing, and analysis, the SicuroIMS Incident Mapping System is a web-based, secure, and password-protected analytical platform.


How will the SicuroIMS Platform Benefit you?

Gain Insight of a Customised Location

Gain insight on a customised location of interest. E.g., Look at project site X or route Y for a specific timeframe

Identify Trends through Analytical Tools

Identify patterns and trends through graphs, charts, territorial control maps and heat maps

Increase Situational Awareness of areas

Increase the situation awareness by exporting all incident summaries and examining the contextual neighbouring areas' profile

Boost Quality of Security Deliverables

Boost the quality of proposals and security- related presentations, protocol and briefings by exporting all analytical data

Key Features

Each incident report is carefully compiled by SicuroIMS' dedicated security research and analysis team. The incident information is gathered, verified and condensed. Additionally, each incident report is marked with searchable tags  (incident type, date, time, target, impact level, etc) for efficient browsing and filtering.

Note that the information below is specific for Iraq, April 2017

Human Terrain Mapping

View how Iraqi Security Forces continued their advance against ISIS in West Mosul and the ever-evolving ethno-sectarian divisions

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Heat Map

Learn how most of the main security incidents occur in major cities like Kirkuk, Mosul, Baghdad and Basrah

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Incident Mapping

View more details on kidnapping events in Baghdad, which continue to be a persistent component of the threat environment

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Bar Graphs

Learn more about the exact location and forecast the repercussion that the increased government security responses might have in Iraq

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Pie Charts

Learn more about the specific tribal clashes occurring in Basrah, mostly during the evening

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Line Graph

Learn the reason and the trends that have led to a decline in IED attacks in Baghdad

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The SicuroIMS Incident Mapping System is a web-based, secure and password protected analytical platform.

9000 incidents

reported on average per month

7+ years

of comprehensive historical incident data for analysis

365 days

of incident coverage per year

16 countries

reported on throughout the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia

27 types

of incidents reported

+15,000 graph

combinations available for each country

16 types

of intended targets reported

Various graphs

available in different forms

Newest Development - Human Terrain Mapping

The newest SicuroIMS development, the human terrain overlay, allows users to quickly and effectively evaluate security situations by viewing incident activity, summaries and the key players in the ethnographic, political, social and tribal conflict. SicuroIMS' new human terrain layer uncovers areas of key armed groups, ethno-sectarian breakdown, tribal and political affiliations. Switch between incident icons and heat map view to display hot spots of incident activity and the new territorial control layer to supplement incident viewing.

Utilise years of historical incident data with the SicuroIMS human terrain mapping to make quick data-driven decisions and maximise situational awareness.