Radio and Satellite Communication Solutions

Sicuro is partner of some of the world’s most prestigious brands in the radio and satellite communications industry including Motorola, Hytera, Codan, Iridium and Inmarsat. Sicuro expertly designs, supplies, installs and supports a range of systems.

Radio Communication

Whether clients want a cost-effective simple PTT solution or complex, site wide MOTOTRBO and TETRA systems, Sicuro has the capability to design a system fit for specific needs. Expert, consultative designs are carried out by experienced engineers, ensuring the solutions are scalable, financially viable and fit for purpose.

Satellite Communication

From back up internet terminals for security teams in Baghdad to satellite tracking and communications units for a NGO in Afghanistan, Sicuro has a range of reliable voice, SMS and data communication solutions for use in remote areas with poor GSM coverage. 

Solutions include Thuraya, Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phones, PPT and broadband terminals.

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Won the EMEA Motorola Award

Sicuro won the 2015 Middle East Motorola award for “New development in the security sector”

Highest Number of Motorola Certified Associates

Sicuro has the highest number of Motorola certified technical associates in the region

Delivers Innovative Solutions in Partnership

Sicuro is a Motorola Platinum Channel Partner recognised for its expertise in delivering innovative communications solutions


Digital Radio – MotoTRBO range

Enjoy a better audio quality over greater range with MotoTRBO. Added features include GPS integrated, application capable, waterproof radio with text messaging and double calling capacity.

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Digital Radio –TETRA range

Ensure secure voice and data transmission, intelligent frequency sharing and high user capacity within limited areas with digital radio, used worldwide by law enforcement, security and civil defence organisations

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Satellite Phones

Choose from a range of reliable, durable, and versatile two-way communication phones that utilise the Iridium satellite constellation for 100% global coverage. Various batteries, chargers and accessories available.

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Mobile Data Terminals

Allow up to five simultaneous users to connect wirelessly to the internet without needing to rely on terrestrial networks with Sicuro’s mobile data terminals.

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Sicuro has a range of experience and expertise in the radio and satellite field, including the design, installation and maintenance of complex systems.

  • Highest number of certified Motorola technical associates

    Get expert support from Sicuro’s team of engineers and operations managers that are fully certified as Motorola technical associates

  • Official channel partner with leading radio manufacturers

    Work with an official channel partner of prestigious radio manufacturers such as Motorola, Codan and Hytera


  • High quality Engineering

    Design and installations are carried out by manufacturer qualified and certified technical associates ensuring solutions are cost effective and long lasting


  • Leverage our vendor network

    Leverage the close relationship with key satellite communication vendors such as Thuraya, Inmarsat, and Iridium

  • Diversified product availability

    Choose from a diversified product line from the most recognised manufacturers of both radio and satellite communications

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    Speak with Sicuro’s 24/7 operations centre for technical and operational support from dedicated engineers throughout the year


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