M2M and IoT Solutions

The accuracy of organisations’ decisions depends on the quality of data available. Sicuro's IoT solutions empower organisations to operate more efficiently and to have the information needed to make decisions.

Catered to challenging environments, Sicuro's IoT solutions integrate sensors, machine-to-machine communications and analytical capabilities to significantly improve the operational performance with higher monitoring capabilities, reliability, and uptime.

Sicuro’s engineers are experienced at designing, installing and maintaining intelligent systems which allow machine-to-machine communication and the share of data between devices. All systems are integrated into advanced web-based platforms. 

Sicuro's IoT solutions allow for the optimisation of any kind of asset, fleet, or inventory, even those located or transiting through remote or hostile areas. 

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Consult with Sicuro’s Operation team

Identify the services and tools you need to connect, monitor, command and analyse 

Experts collaborating to engineer a solution

Sicuro’s R&D team partner with M2M and network providers to accommodate embedded sensors in physical objects linked through wired and wireless networks

Transform businesses with SicuroIoT

Transform the way business is conducted by monitoring, commanding and benefiting from effective data visualisation of hundreds of sensors with a single platform, SicuroIoT 


Asset Optimisation

Collect and monitor real-time assets’ data and allow additional visibility of temperature, humidity, and other similar parameters that will optimise asset usage. Sicuro’s certified engineers will integrate all this data from multiple assets and devices into a single point of access, the SicuroIoT platform, for real-time remote monitoring.

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Fleet Optimisation

Real time information on fuel usage, distance driven, idle time, temperature, door status and more. Sicuro’s certified engineers can connect assets with sensors and other intelligent devices so they can be retrieved, analysed and stored on one of Sicuro’s platforms.

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Enhance Security

Increase security and reduce tampering of operations with smart sensors. For example, systems can be designed to include location change, motion detection and video footage of all assets, be they fixed or mobile.

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Accountability Systems

Monitor all staff, visitor and students or customers within the confines of a premises (e.g., a student campus, embassy or store) even when indoors. Set up range values and geo-fences to know the number of individuals within a set boundary. Power this solution with ID cards.

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  • Secure Data Collection

    SicuroIoT platform is encrypted at 256 bit AES level. Sicuro is also implementing an ISO/IES 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) implementation

  • Reduce Cost

    Monitoring historical and real time operational data can help reduce maintenance costs by approximately 25%, energy consumption by 18% and fuel consumption by 10%


    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

  • Benefit from excellent customer service

    For technical and operational support including vehicle recovery, speak with Sicuro’s certified engineer in seconds, any time or day. 




  • Increase Asset Utilisation

    Improve uptime and operational efficiencies by up to 3-5% by monitoring key performance indicators and receiving automated notifications in case of deviations

  • Real-time visibility of assets and equipment

    Get real-time operational data from any location worldwide with embedded sensors, automation and data communications

  • Get expert training, installation, and maintenance

    Benefit from Sicuro’s engineers training, installation and maintenance expertise for an on-site or remote service


Staff location system in Central Asia

When an international Embassy in Central Asia adopted Sicuro’s personal tracking app and RTLS employee location system they immediately saw an increase in efficiency and safety

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Generator Monitoring Solution in the Middle East

An energy giant approached Sicuro seeking a solution for their deployed generator assets across the Middle East

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Smart IVMS solution for an Oil and Gas Contractor in Iraq

Sicuro’s Oil and Gas compliant IVMS (In Vehicle Management Systems) were first introduced to Iraq in 2012 and currently dominate the market. Contractors, security companies and oil and gas organisations each benefit from the intelligent solution on a daily basis.

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