GPS Tracking

Sicuro has developed an international reputation for delivering reliable tracking solutions for major NGOs, government entities, oil & gas, logistics, and security companies in 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

With 12 years of experience, Sicuro has provided over 40,000 transponders for a range of GPS tracking needs. Applications include vehicle, asset, cargo and personal.


Vehicle Tracking (IVMS)

Sicuro has a range of intelligent IVMS solutions that allow full visibility and reporting of vehicles and drivers. Solutions range from simple plug and play devices to more advanced systems with sensor integration and video capability. Detailed data relating to location, driver identification, speed, seatbelt usage, critical driving events, and more can be monitored to enhance fleet efficiency, safety and performance.

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Asset and Cargo Tracking

Sicuro’s asset and cargo solutions provide complete operational and management oversight, giving precise and reliable location of both assets and cargo. Be they building wide assets or transiting across borders, Sicuro has intelligent applications for a range of needs. Sicuro will help ensure that pre-planned routes are followed and unplanned stops are minimised for assets in transit and that stationary assets are optimised. Ultimately, the client will minimise loss, optimise asset usage and ensure the safety of operations.

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Personal Tracking

Personal tracking solutions help to ensure personal safety and give peace of mind to employees and contractors. Sicuro has a variety of cellular, satellite and dual mode personnel tracking devices that provide complete operational and management oversight.

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For 12 years, Sicuro has been delivering quality equipment and service that exceeds industry standards and client's expectations

12 Years

of thorough industry experience

40+ Countires

across the Middle East, Africa, and Eurasia

40,000 Transponders

installed, integrated, monitored and maintained globally

Over 10,000

technical queries resolved each year

100 clients trained

per year in country, at Sicuro's HQ and online

More than 100

engineering, training and management deployments to difficult areas per year