Vehicle Tracking (IVMS)

With hundreds of diverse tracking hardware devices available and the high prices of airtime, finding an ideal vehicle tracking solution can be hunting.

Sicuro advises clients on a cost-effective solution based on the vehicle type, the security need, the city’s infrastructure and budget. 



Sicuro has a proven track record in providing, installing and supporting IVMS solutions to its clients across the region. Sicuro’s solutions assist in delivering significant cost savings by improving fuel efficiency, safety and increasing productivity. Moreover, Sicuro’s IVMS solutions provide overall reliability and allow bespoke customisation.


Clients have benefitted from Sicuro's experience increasing the visibility of a vehicle in transit, its idle time and stops as well as the decrease in accidents, harsh driving behaviours and fuel usage

  • Increased Safety

    Prevent theft with Sicuro’s fit-for-purpose, low profile hardware units with panic switch and remote immobilisation features

  • Reduce costs and sustain long-term profitability

    Monitor fuel consumption and distance driven to achieve 8-20% reduction in distance driven and fuel cost. Ultimately, reduce insurance premiums.

  • Benefit from excellent customer service

    For technical and operational support, speak with Sicuro’s certified engineers in seconds, any time or day.

  • Increased Driving Efficiency

    Monitor key components of driving efficiency such as idling time, stop time, and schedule integrity.

  • Reduce risk by boosting driver performance

    Improve driver behaviour by ranking your drivers’ performance and set alerts for harsh braking, acceleration, seatbelt usage and over speeding

  • Get expert training, installation, and maintenance

    Benefit from Sicuro’s training (including train-the-trainer), installation and maintenance expertise. Teams are available remotely, in Dubai and in country


Sicuro has a range of IVMS solutions suitable for different applications

Dual Mode

Get global, uninterrupted coverage while saving cost on airtime by switching between satellite and cellular mode. Ideal for vehicles operating throughout remote and challenging locations where cellular coverage is not reliable.

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Save on airtime costs with cellular solutions. Ideal for operations in urban areas.

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Plug and Play

Get a temporary or quickly deployable vehicle tracking solution with Sicuro’s OBD devices. Wired or internally powered options are also available.

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Get full tracking and video capability of vehicle, driver, and surrounding areas with Sicuro’s VCAM (vehicle camera) solutions

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