Personal Tracking

From executives traveling to an underdeveloped region, a security team operating in a hostile urban environment or an NGO worker trying to navigate in remote villages, Sicuro is able to equip individuals and organisations with the right personal tracker for specific operational needs. 



Sicuro helps organisations redesign strategic operations in hostile environments for greater efficiency and ultimately ensuring the maximum visibility of personnel. From turning a tablet or smartphone into a functional tracker to using a waterproof and shockproof GPS tracker, Sicuro can help clients identify the right solution for sophisticated operational requirements

Why Choose Sicuro Personal Tracking

Clients have benefitted from Sicuro's experience increasing the visibility and communications between their team members and providing the duty of care for personnel

  • Increased Operational and Management Oversight

    With Sicuro’s low failure rate, clients can have full visibility of individuals' location and status from any device, including the proximity among team members, other premises and areas of interest

  • Assist in Team Management

    Clients can take full advantage of Sicuro’s two-way communication capability, by communicating contingency and strategic plans to their team from Sicuro’s platform to their personal tracker

  • Ensure teams’ personal safety and peace of mind

    An operations manager or security watchkeeper can get immediate notifications when an individual has safely arrived or is in panic

  • Choose from a range of personal tracking devices

    Convert your phone or tablet into a functional tracker with the SicuroTracker app. Or choose from a wide range of personal trackers from satellite and cellular coverage to shock and/or water resistant devices

  • Get timely technical assistance, any time or day

    Get expert support and tailored training onsite or virtually from Sicuro’s certified engineers. Assistance available in seconds, any time or day.

  • Monitor your team from an intelligent and intuitive platform

    Seamlessly monitor and manage your team from any device with Sicuro’s user-friendly software


Sicuro's personal tracking solutions enable managers to have better visibility and oversight of teams in a multitude of operations

Oil, Gas and Mining Companies

Ensure the lowest rate of mishap with Sicuro’s solutions in inherently dangerous and valuable operations

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Government, affiliated agencies, and NGOs

Monitor the predefined journey of a high-ranked official, diplomat or member of a humanitarian cause with Sicuro

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Security Firm

Get reliable and accurate information on the whereabouts and status of clients, staff and assets with the support of Sicuro's 24/7 centre

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Other Commercial Entities

Quickly define how individuals within your organisations manage their time, whilst simultaneously safeguarding them

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Corporate traveller tracking app

A large blue chip firm with hundreds of corporate travellers came to Sicuro to solve their employee location needs. Employees were travelling from city to city with no true accountability of their movements.

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Personal tracking for an NGO team in India

An NGO team working in the mountains of northern India needed a personnel tracking solution that would allow their supervisor to monitor

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Staff location system in Central Asia

When an international Embassy in Central Asia adopted Sicuro’s personal tracking app and RTLS employee location system they immediately saw an increase in efficiency and safety

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Personal Tracking for an NGO in Africa

A major international NGO, with projects covering several locations in Africa and the Middle East felt that it lacked situational awareness of both in country security issues and of the movement of staff.

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