Asset and Cargo Tracking

Sicuro assists clients in monitoring moving and fixed assets throughout the region. From a fleet of pharmaceutical cargo requiring tamper proof locks to a complex facility/critical infrastructure Bluetooth system, Sicuro has a range of solutions and expertise to suit a range of organisations' needs. 



Beginning with a consultation, Sicuro assists with the design, procurement, delivery, installation and onward support of asset and cargo tracking systems. This approach ultimately assists enterprises to operate with greater efficiency and to have maximum visibility of fixed and moving assets. From fixed RTLS systems to satellite plug and play tracking options, Sicuro has a range of solutions suitable for different requirements and applications.


Clients have benefitted from Sicuro's experience increasing the visibility of moving and static assets and cargo

  • Increase operational oversight

    Have complete visibility of operations. Be able to locate fixed assets in an emergency situation or to ensure the cargo follows its pre-planned route

  • Achieve schedule integrity

    Get alerted when cargo or assets are in the wrong place, outside the schedule or outside the predefined route

  • Increase Asset utilisation

    Optimise cargo and asset turnover time and reduce the equipment in inventory

  • Get technical assistance in seconds, any time or day

    Get expert support and tailored training onsite or virtually from Sicuro’s certified engineers. Assistance available in seconds, any time or day.

  • Improve cargo/asset security

    Improve security and minimise loss with Sicuro’s solutions and additional sensors

  • Strong relationship with vendors

    Leverage Sicuro’s strong relationships with Machine-to-machine (M2M) hardware, manufacturers, network and airtime providers to tailor an ideal solution


Sicuro's asset and cargo tracking solutions are suitable for a range of industries and users.

Logistics Companies

Track your trailer, containers and railcars anywhere in the world with stand-alone satellite terminals

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Governments and Affiliated Agencies

Improve the demurrage billing, detention billing and invoicing of any assets transiting into a country through customs

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Oil and Gas Users

Monitor fixed or transitory assets on land or travelling via sea. Add additional sensors to monitor fuel levels, container or pipeline breach, shock and temperature

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Mining Companies

Improve security with reliable two-way communication and secure monitoring, even in the most remote of locations

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