SicuroTrack is the C4i platform of choice for high-risk and demanding environments where real-time visibility, tracking, and communication is crucial. The 256-bit, encrypted intuitive web-based platform has managed to dominate the NGO, governmental, security, logistics and oil & gas market in several countries throughout the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia.

The secure platform provides clients the flexibility to manage their assets from any location with an internet connection. Additionally, it can be accessed by multiple users at the same time, and at different access rights. SicuroTrack can integrate a wide range of devices, from personal, vehicle or asset tracking, making it the ideal sole platform for use by organisations.

SicuroTrack is fully compliant to the standard of major oil and gas and is being utilised on concessions throughout the region. Additionally, data can be integrated into third party software such as United States Government and NATO systems, making it the ideal solution for certain logistics contract compliance.

Google Maps serves as SicuroTrack’s default mapping interface, which is fully integrated to display the most up-to-date information for roads, landmarks and various points of interest. To facilitate uninterrupted usage in low bandwidth areas, however, clients may choose from up to 6 different mapping options of varying complexity.

SicuroTrack’s functionality is comprehensive, providing managers all the tools and capabilities needed for successfully tracking and managing assets in a variety of industries. 


Secure and Intuitive Platform

Secure, intuitive, web-based platform, to manage assets, personnel, and vehicles. It is available in twelve languages including Arabic, Farsi, and Dari

Proven and Authorised

Authorised for use by government authorities, the United Nations and major international oil and gas companies and can be fully integrated into third party systems

Customise Journey

Define geo-fences, variable speed limits, points of interest and integrate KML and KMZ overlays

Decreased Monitoring Time

Reduce constant screen monitoring by receiving critical alerts by email, SMS, and on-screen pop-ups


Government, affiliated agencies and NGO

Benefit from two-way communication –including panic alerts and safe arrival – between field users, platform operators and managers

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Private Security Company

Get reliable and accurate information on the whereabouts and status of both your clients and assets with the support of a 24/7 centre

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Logistics Firm

Monitor your fixed or transitory assets travelling via land or sea through a single secure platform

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Oil and Gas Company

Monitor your personnel, vehicles and equipment on a single secure, intuitive and user-friendly platform

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SicuroTrack, the C4i platform of choice for high-risk and demanding environments.

Operating in 40+


25,000+ users

of technology and communication platforms

12 languages

including Arabic, Dari and Pashto

10,000+ technical

queries resolved per year

Intuitive Platform and Cost-Saving Reporting

SicuroTrack is unparalleled in the range of devices integrated, the functionality of the interface and the security and reliability of the platform. Furthermore, this intuitive platform is available in twelve languages including Arabic, Farsi, and Dari. 

With the addition of sensors for vehicle tracking, SicuroTrack records data such as safety belt usage, aggressive driving, speeding violation, fuel consumption. Data can be used to generate a range of reports from SicuroTrack for a certain time period. In addition, you can download reports from Sicuro Track in Microsoft Excel, Word, Adobe PDF, and Comma Separated Values format.