From sensors monitoring power generators in the oil and gas industry, to sensors monitoring open parking spaces in a parking lot, companies need to harness new technologies in order to gain competitive advantage, maximise efficiency and enhance security.

Whether the number of sensors amounts to a dozen, a thousand, or a billion, data visualisation and management is paramount. What if you had an intuitive data visualization platform that could monitor key performance indicators and provide analytics from thousands of sensors?

SicuroIoT is the ideal platform for asset optimisation due to its intuitive and user-friendly control panel that allows you to display and control all the parameters of any number of units at a single visual interface. SicuroIoT integrates a wide range of smart sensors to monitor the management of stationary and mobile assets in real-time.

This platform is designed to monitor the performance of all the necessary sensors from a handful to any number of units tracked. The number of displayed sensors is unlimited.

Furthermore, SicuroIoT has a fully customisable interface that enables real-time asset management while simultaneously having access to your specific key performance indicators and parameters of both. Upon failure to perform within those parameters, SicuroIoT alerts users of a unit’s deficiency. SicuroIoT also automatically detects inactive units – those that have not sent data in a long period.

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28 Languages

Available including Arabic, English and French

Fully Scalable

Add unlimited sensors to multiple units or a single unit and get alerted when the value of a sensor is outside or inside the customised range


Run real-time analytics and trends from sensor data. Additionally, monitor unstructured data from video feeds and image snapshots


Oil and Gas Power Generator Monitoring

Manage the uptime of equipment such as power generators and governor powers. With integrated temperature sensors, get notified and send automatic commands when the water and oil temperature is outside the desire range.

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Commercial Enterprise Inventory Monitoring

Track, optimise and improve the integrity of assets and inventory along the supply chain through automated, real-time data such as being alerted when inventory on vending machines is low.

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Secure Site Location Monitoring

Government assets are under constant threat. Integrate indoor motion to get alerted when unexpected activity is happening within your premises even when your alarm panel is disarmed. Add security cameras as an additional monitoring tool.

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Logistics Reefer Container Temperature Control

Remotely monitor reefer units and the opening of trailers’ door. Get alerted instantly of detected non-conformance and remotely adjust the temperatures.

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SicuroIoT is designed to integrate, monitor and report on data from smart sensors to increase asset, inventory, security and operational management.


IoT connected devices are expected to grow from 0.9 billion in 2009 to 26 billion by 2020




IoT is expected to boost global corporate profits by 21%



The Oil and Gas industry is expected to see $90B savings on capital expenditures over 15 years with the use of IoT

(General Electric)


Industries see an average cost saving of 18% with the use of M2M and IoT systems. Nearly 10% of M2M adopters have reduced their costs by over 25%

(according to a global network operator)


SicuroIoT has a range of intelligent reporting features to assist in asset optimisation, management and security. The visualisation of data and statistics is paramount to monitor and manage assets, with SicuroIoT users have a range of visual and reporting features at a click of a button.

From gauging the temperature of a FMCG cooler or freezer transit, to monitoring the security of an oil pipeline and flow level, SicuroIoT has a range of reports to quickly digest pertinent information. Reports can be generated from a template or can be customised. Each contain data in tables, charts and map fragments and are easily exportable for further use within organisations. Reports can be automated so that fleet or operations managers can be updated at regular intervals.