Road transportation is ever growing, accounting for 50% of the global logistics market. However, fleet managers still face major challenges including high operational costs, driver safety, driver productivity, and fuel price volatility.

With SicuroFleet, fleet managers can optimise journey planning capabilities, drivers’ productivity, safety and reduce overall cost.

SicuroFleet is a secure web-based platform – also available in IOS and Android apps – that allows you to fully customise fleet journeys into a set schedule and configure its degree of flexibility and frequency; making it an ideal management platform for large, complex transport and passenger fleets that operate within cellular coverage.

Asides from cutting-edge journey planning features, SicuroFleet has advanced geo-coding that allow 100% location accuracy even in remote areas of the world – reducing idle time. Additionally, the KML and KMZ capabilities are automatically transforms them into geographical boundaries (or geo-fences). Alerts can be set to notify a contact every time a vehicle enters (or exits) these geo-fences.

Minimise time on-screen, by setting alerts when a driver is off track, units have arrived/departed from a checkpoint, when there are schedule delays and when checkpoints/stops have been skipped or outrun.


Customise your fleets journey planning

Customise arrivals, departures and stops and integrate multiple sensors such as RFID tag readers, fuel, door sensors, and temperature sensors

Receive alerts on the precise arrival and delays of your fleet

Benefit from cutting edge precise route generation that shows the precise location of entrances, warehouse and receive alerts on the precise arrivals and delays as well as when stops are skipped or outran

Enrich SicuroFleet's advanced fleet analytics reporting

Integrate with third party software including accounting and sales management system such as SAP and Salesforce to enrich SicuroFleet's Advanced fleet analytics reporting


Passenger Monitoring

Increase accuracy with RFID tag integration for passenger counting systems. Monitor the number of passengers in the bus, when and where they come off/on the bus and the bus dwell time

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Public Transportation Timetable Optimisation

Customise arrival and departure schedule, stops and journey to optimise fleet and ease the daily monitoring of fleets and fuel

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Cold Chain Monitoring

A deactivated or temporarily inactive refrigeration system may result in a truck full of spoiled goods. With SicuroFleet, ensure real-time temperature control and get notified of changes above or below certain thresholds

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Cargo Optimisation

With added door sensors, monitor the trailer turn time, demurrage billing, and enhance the accuracy of invoicing.

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SicuroFleet is ideal for large, complex transport and passenger fleets that operate within cellular coverage and wish to reduce cost

Reduce $2,000

Approximately per vehicle per year in operational, maintenance and fuel costs

400+ reports

Available from an advanced reporting suite, including templates and fully customisable forms

20+ languages

Available including Arabic, Tagalog, English and more

100% precise

Location mapping accuracy rather than the 75% of regular geocoders, using a range of technologies including what3words

Reporting and Integration

With SicuroFleet, get real-time analytics and trends of your fleet for strategic decision making. Enrich your data by integrating multiple sensors such as temperature, RFID tag readers, fuel flow meters, door sensors and more.

SicuroFleet will help you automate invoicing and other enterprise operations by integrating data into third party software such as SAP and Salesforce.