Services and Solutions

Sicuro’s services and solutions can be divided into three areas; communications and technology solutions, research and analytical services and procurement of mission critical equipment. Sicuro’s solutions and services are trusted and proven in challenging and often hostile environments.

Our Approach

Sicuro works with clients to succeed and safely operate in complex environments, by carefully selecting, developing, engineering and delivering purpose fit solutions to its clients. Solutions meet a range of technology, equipment and communications needs and are delivered on time and on budget.

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Communications and Technology Solutions

Communications and technology solutions are core to Sicuro’s business. From private security companies to international NGOs, Sicuro has a range of solutions to support personnel, assets and vehicles in some of most complex and austere areas across the world.

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Information and Analysis from SicuroIMS

For over seven years, SicuroIMS has provided extensive threat warning and analytical insights for clients operating in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. The service is crucial for evaluating the security environment, lowering the risk and ensuring the operational integrity of operations in hostile and often volatile areas in the region. Delivering hundreds of reports and alerts, 365 days a year, the SicuroIMS service is trusted by many large risk management companies, logistics users, NGOs, government users and more.

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Procurement and Logistics by Sicuro International

Sicuro International specialises in the supply of mission critical and often controlled equipment for use in the defence, security and extractive industries, particularly in high risk and challenging environments.

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