Reporting and Analytics for New Territory Expansion in Eurasia

An organisation, headquartered in the United States, expanded its operations and was on the verge of launching a small operations centre in Istanbul, Turkey in mid 2016. The global security manager was well exposed to the media and aware of the British and US Governments releasing threat warnings about recent terrorist activity in Turkey. The security manager wanted to get high volume and accurate information about exact locations and impacts of incidents and then possibly reevaluate the situation given the opportunity cost and security risks that the company may face.

SicuroIMS was able to provide the security manager with a comprehensive bespoke threat assessment that showed all the incidents that happened in the district of the organisations future office. It included all the incidents involving ISIS, distribution of arrests targeting ISIS militants, distribution of robberies and targeted killings and numbers of casualties. The SicuroIMS team used the analytical functionality of the platform to produce heat maps, graphs and charts for all of the above mentioned incident types, with easily digestible security statistics and analytics that the security manager presented to the senior management.