PPE, Med Kits and Run Bags for a Security Company

An private security company asked Sicuro to help procure body armour for their staff and clients as well as medical kits and run bags for each of their vehicles operating in the Middle East.

Sicuro International supplied their Premium vest, co-manufactured by and exclusive to Sicuro with full NIJ Level IIIA protection, even for shoulder and sides. This combined with NIJ Level IV meant the security personnel and their clients had maximum protection against threats.

The security company’s fleet of 100 vehicles were also each fitted with advanced tactical trauma kits and run bags in case of emergencies. The tactical trauma kit, in a convenient backpack contained everything from a basic first aid items to advanced bandages, cervical collars, casualty blankets and tourniquets. The run bags contained items for 72 hours’ worth of survival needs, including life straws, MRE’s, solar powered chargers and lights and more.