PPE for an International Aid Agency

An aid agency operating in Europe approached Sicuro International to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) for their staff operating in a hostile environment in the Ukraine.

Sicuro worked with the operations manager to consult on the exact need, protection level and additional features required for the body armour as well as explaining the lead time and export procedures.

Sicuro provided PPE sets within the specified time frame, meeting the import and export regulatory requirements.

Sets included NIJ Level IIIA vests with full front, back, shoulder and side protection. Hard armour plates were supplied in Sicuro International's standard 3.2kg weight, providing NIJ Level IV protection when worn in conjunction with Level IIIA vests. Additionally, Level IIIA PASGT helmets were supplied providing additional protection. Exact colour tones were important to the aid agency, Sicuro International was able to supply a pre-selected vest and helmet fabric colour that met specifications. Removable Velcro patches were fitted on the vest exteriors for the agency logos and aid signs. Sicuro International assisted with the export control paperwork ahead of time, which led to the speedy delivery of the PPE.