Personal Tracking for an NGO in Africa

A major international NGO, with projects covering several locations in Africa and the Middle East felt that it lacked situational awareness of both in country security issues and the movement of staff. The NGO wanted to put in place a system to provide and demonstrate their duty of care to both local and international employees who were often working on remote sites in difficult and austere environments. With only a small budget and operations team, they also wanted to be sure that their staff were able to raise any alert quickly to their own senior managers.

Sicuro Group provided the NGO employees with a smart phone tracking application, allowing their day to day movements to be monitored and providing them with the ability to raise an alert quickly using a discrete panic button. Satellite phones and trackers were also provided in smaller numbers to allow communications in very remote regions when needed. Near real time security alerts and access to the SicuroIMS security database was also provided allowing local staff to receive timely updates on relevant security incidents and providing project managers with the ability to make rapid and accurate threat assessments for travel and work throughout the region. Finally, Sicuro Group’s 24/7 operations and support centre ensures that in the event of any member of the NGOs staff raising an alert, the alarm is quickly received and the NGO crisis management team informed immediately by phone.