Operations Analysis for an International Organisation in Iraq

An international aid organisation, conducting a range of projects in Iraq and planning further expansion had engaged a private security provider and was concerned at the advice and risk ratings they were receiving for certain project areas.

For a project in Kirkuk, the security provider had recommended a high-end security solution (including armoured vehicles, expat security personnel etc.). The same high-end solution was later proposed for a new project in a different location which the international organisation believed has less security threats. The organisation wanted to have a more scaled-down security solution for this new project, therefore the SicuroIMS team prepared a comparison of the two sites to demonstrate that the new site has significantly less security threats, which the client intends to use in support of his push for a more scaled-down security solution.

In both cases, the platform is able to empower the manager with more granular information that he can use to explore possible cost-savings measures.