Motorola Radio Network for a Security Company in East Africa

A major international security company operating in East Africa needed a reliable and robust radio network in order to expand their growing operations in one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The company wanted to leverage new digital technologies to ensure they received full value from their investment. Having previously used a local company who had failed to provide the necessary coverage the client’s drivers were often forced to resort to the unsafe practice of using their mobile phones to communicate with the operations room.

Sicuro Group’s qualified Motorola engineers were able to quickly design a fit-for purpose solution, providing the company with a fully digital system leveraging key digital radio technologies to save the client money. Sicuro Group installed 2 repeaters in the city, providing the required area of coverage and using TDMA technology to double the number of available channels – critical for the smooth running of operations in the city. Sicuro Group also installed a large number of radios into the client’s vehicles, allowing drivers and team leaders to communicate safely, cheaply and effectively from within their armoured vehicles all over the city.