IVMS for a Seismology Company in Iraq

A major seismology company, operating in Kurdistan with an existing fleet of 220 vehicles noticed a trend of illegal activities such as miles driven, overall accountability and signs of fuel theft. They realised the need for access to information about their vehicle location at all times.

The company required installation of Diablo IVMS devices for their existing fleet vehicles to be able to track and monitor vehicles and also their employees’ driving behavior closely. Sicuro Group installed 220 Diablo IVMS devices in all its vehicles. Sicuro Group provided in-depth reports, generated by Sicuro’s tracking and management platform relating to its fleet efficiency, drivers’ behavior, fuel consumption and more. These reports helped the client identify vehicle’s geographical location at all times and dangerous driving habits and helped to address and improve driver safety by providing necessary trainings to drivers and fleet managers.

The company noticed savings of US$ 40,000 per month on the fuel costs and also saw a 90% reduction in poor driving behavior in a span of one month. Subsequent to the implementation, the client noticed lower fuel and maintenance charges and were able to manage their operations more efficiently.