Fleet Management System for a Gulf Logistics Company

A logistics firm operating within Dubai and the Emirates approached Sicuro for a scalable fleet management solution to handle the pressures of a busy operation and deliveries.

The management of the group relied heavily on manual processes for status of vehicle location and wasted time and money on phoning different drivers multiple times as day. As demand started growing it was difficult to keep in touch with all deliveries through calls and the management decided to implement a simple way of tracking their vehicles.

Sicuro approached the organisation with their SicuroFleet solution. This not only gave the group management and oversight of vehicles but also drivers and performance.

Using the SicuroFleet Platform, the management have vastly improved the efficiency of the duration of the trips and ultimately delivery times to their clients. It also helped set up a scoring record for each driver grading the performance while on the road. Ultimately this helped in areas that the organisation did not think of improving in their fleet such as a decrease in wastage of fuel through idling, speeding reduction, increase of trips per day for each driver and imporving driver behaviour thus reducing accidents and lowering maintenance costs.