Cellular Tracking for a Fleet of FMCG Vehicles in Africa

A FMCG company operating across Africa had an issue with late deliveries, unaccounted trips and defective goods upon arrival.

After conducting a trial on a couple of vehicles travelling within Nigeria, Sicuro supplied a suite of  intelligent cargo tracking solutions with integrated IoT sensors including temperature monitoring. The FMCG logistics manager could then not only locate his assets at any time, he had the assurance that the goods had no divergence from their suitable storage temperature and there were no collisions or harsh breaking events that may cause damage to the fragile, perishable goods.

The system increased efficiency in the logistic operation by ensuring deliveries had better timekeeping, drivers were unable to take unaccounted long rest breaks or long trips outside of their scheduled route. This also allowed more efficient and streamlined payment processing as Sicuro’s tracking software was integrated into the FMCG accounting and billing software.

Time and cost savings were seen in more than one area within the organisation.