Afghanistan Logistics Project

A local Afghan logistics company came to Sicuro when working on a US funded logistics project through Afghanistan and Pakistan. Part of the contract requirement included a full accountability and tracking system throughout logistics operations in the region.

Through down selection of a public bid, Sicuro proposed and went on to install and support their cargo monitoring satellite solution on each of their 1,000 trucks. Each vehicle was checked in at pre-set points no matter the location. Operations managers were alerted when certain points were reached, geofence boundary crossings were exceeded or any deviation to the planned trip was made. At the request of the client, Sicuro also produced bespoke reports for the daily movements of cargo, complying to the USG contract. In addition, the feed from the SicuroTrack platform was approved and integrated with the USG’s third party system.

This enabled the logistics firm to not only be complaint to their contract but help to manage deliveries which ultimately lead to more efficient operations and cost savings.

Since cellular coverage in the region is unstable, the satellite solution guarantees connection even in the most remote locations. Compared to previous years, the logistics project saw a saving of 40% in operational costs from better driving habits, less discrepancies of deliveries and more timely payments for cargo.