Sicuro is an expert provider of communications and technology solutions, data-driven security reporting and mission critical equipment. Sicuro's solutions are trusted by fortune 500 companies, militaries, government agencies, and major international organisations operating in over 40 countries and often in some of the most remote and challenging locations in the world.  

Over the past 12 years, Sicuro has optimised operations and communications for enterprises in conflictive and volatile environments. User's trust that their incident reporting, communication and technology solutions will be supported by Sicuro’s dedicated engineers and team of researchers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Furthermore, clients leverage Sicuro's R&D team, manufacturing partners' and third developers' talent to introduce new solutions, bespoke to their specific needs. Additionally, Sicuro was awarded the best company for new developments in the security sector by Motorola EMEA in 2015.

As an ISO certified company, and a premium partner of global manufacturers, Sicuro is continuously striving to improve solutions and deliver an unmatched service to ultimately drive growth for clients.

Consulting Approach

Sicuro works to help organisations in redesigning operations for great efficiency, safety, cost savings and ultimately transforming enterprises

Thorough Industry Expertise

Sicuro has 12 years of expertise in delivering and optimising operations in some of the most conflictive and hostile places in the world

Customised Solutions

World-class customised solutions that make full use of the capability of Sicuro’s R&D team and the latest technologies to solve complex requirements


Sicuro's unmatched quality and service, that exceeds industry standards and client's expectations, has resulted in the company's rapid growth

350 Clients

Clients worldwide

16 Specialist

Board certified engineers

25,000+ Users

of technology and communication solutions

11 Languages

Spoken including Arabic, Russian, Tagalog, Urdu, Spanish, German and more

350 Training Session

Clients per year are trained virtually, in country and at Sicuro’s Dubai HQ on Sicuro’s platform

Quality Standards

Sicuro adheres to international quality standards and best practices to ensure clients are supplied with the best equipment, information services and communications solutions.

With an ISO 9001:2015 certification, Sicuro practices close quality control and quality assurance throughout the procurement, supply and installation of projects. Sicuro has a careful vetting process for suppliers, manufacturers, developers and logistics suppliers to ensure the best equipment and service is delivered to its clients.

Security Standards

With the rise of technology and data comes a rise in vulnerability, both physical and software related. Sicuro commits to implementing security measures on every new development and roll out of technology.

In addition, each of Sicuro’s platforms are 256 bit AES encrypted. Not only does Sicuro have a secure, double biometric secure operations room, it also has thorough procedures to keep client data protected. Currently implementing ISO/IES 27001 information security management system, each department and operation within Sicuro abides by securing client, internal and operational data.

Certified by SIRA in Dubai and vetted annually, Sicuro is uniquely authorised by the UAE security regulatory authority for its 24/7 monitoring operations.

Operational Standards

Sicuro is uniquely positioned in the MENASA region to operate in the security, logistics, service and technology fields. From medical kits into Libya to satellite communications into Iraq, Sicuro has a range of business entities and partnerships to enable seamless equipment delivery and operation.

Sicuro abides by international and local regulations and export/import procedures. It is registered with and routinely interacts with many of the regions regulatory authorities such as the UAE’s TRA, Afghanistan’s ATRA, amongst others.