A variety of milestones have been reached throughout Sicuro’s journey. Beginning as a small start-up in 2005 focused in the telecommunications sector, Sicuro has grown into a key player in the communications, technology, incident reporting, procurement and logistics sector throughout the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia.  

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January 2017

SicuroIMS is the first provider to launch a territorial conflict mapping option to supplement its incident mapping platform. 

April 2016

SicuroIMS launches enhanced analysis services, is selected as an information and analysis provider to an additional 15 Fortune 500 companies, and begins providing numerous government overseas missions with its service in 16 countries across the region. 

June 2015

Sicuro launches its next generation Inmarsat Data-Pro and 4G, Diablo IVMS 

April 2015

Sicuro was presented with the prestigious Motorola Radio Solutions award for new vertical development in the security sector

March 2015

Sicuro International is formed to supply and deliver (often in person, to the front line) mission-critical equipment to clients operating in high-risk environments.

August 2012

Sicuro is the first entity to be approved by the Libyan Ministry of Communications to operate and support Iridium satellite communications.

November 2011

Sicuro is the first to introduce dual mode IVMS systems onto an Iraqi oil and gas concession, solving the communications gap and industry need for additional vehicle and driver data.

February 2010

Sicuro launches its SicuroIMS service, including the first incident mapping platform in the region 

July 2008

Sicuro establishes its HQ in the UAE 

April 2008

Sicuro's operations begin in Afghanistan, in support of US coalition, NATO, UN, aid and reconstruction programmes.

March 2005

Sicuro was founded in the UK