Director’s Message


A variety of milestones have been reached throughout Sicuro’s journey. Beginning as a small start-up in 2005 focused in the telecommunications sector, Sicuro has grown into a key player in the communications, technology, incident reporting, procurement and logistics sector throughout the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia.  


The people behind Sicuro have made it what it is today, from its team of CPA's to its board certified engineers, each member plays an important role. Sicuro cares about its people and continues to invest thousands of dollars in training and advancing the professional capabilities of its people. 


Sicuro’s executive and operations management team come from diverse backgrounds ranging from security managers for Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs who have previously owned their own consultancy companies. Collectively, the team has decades of experience operating in high risk and challenging locations. Executives travel to clients’ sites throughout the region to support the planning, implementation and maintenance of solutions throughout project lifecycles. The team also has first-hand operational experience in many of the industries clients operate in, such as oil and gas, security and logistics.

Scott Wilcox


Charis Moorfield

Executive Manager

George Turns

Executive Director

Rory Philip

Account Manager

Laith Al-Bazirgan

Account Manager

Valeriia Orieshkina

Account Manager

Natalia Osipova

Supply Chain Manager

Chris Bees

Senior Country Representative

Jett Manalang

Chief Accountant

Kathleen Blancaflor

Marketing Executive

Whymee Padero

Administration Manager

Charmaine Martinez

Commercial Support Associate


Sicuro’s board certified engineering and operations support play a key role to the company's performance. Sicuro attracts talented engineers who have graduated in electronic engineering from top-tier universities, have achieved professional board certification and continue with specialist training once joining Sicuro.  

Sicuro’s board certified engineers undertake in-country work such as surveys, installations and training, as well as working from Sicuro’s offices in client support, technical, and research and development roles. Additionally, they attend various international conferences and seminars, to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology and communications. Sicuro’s engineers maintain strong relationships with clients and play a key role in delivering personalised and value-added customer service. 

Aldrin Casillan

Operations Centre Manager

Nestedune Amante

Lead Systems Engineer

Edward Bautista

Lead Systems Engineer

Albertson Abe

Lead Systems Engineer

June Fernandez

Lead Software Engineer

Jean-Claude De Villeres

Systems Engineer

Ronald Lopez

Lead Hardware Engineer

Edman Pole

Lead Systems Engineer

Florian Tibayan

Lead Systems Engineer

Analysis and Research Management

SicuroIMS analysis and research management have graduated with undergraduate and master’s degrees from worldwide top-tier universities such as Wesleyan, London School of Economics, and University of St Andrews. Prior to joining SicuroIMS, the team members have previously contributed to major international organisations such as the United Nations, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Health Organisation, and the United States Institute of Peace. 

Due to their expertise, the SicuroIMS management is frequently contacted by major companies and foreign missions to advise on security strategies throughout the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The analysis and research team have gained experience delivering timely, critical information and threat analytics to some of the largest blue chip organisations, NGOs and security contractors operating throughout the region.

Jack Rooney

SicuroIMS General Manager

Elexar Palko-Schraa

SicuroIMS Information Manager

Polina Geist

SicuroIMS Coordinator

Alexander Havekost

Analysis Team Leader