Sicuro is an expert provider of communications and technology solutions, data-driven security reporting and mission critical equipment to clients in challenging and difficult locations across the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia. 

With a focus on high risk environments, Sicuro began operations in the technology and communications industry 12 years ago.
GPS tracking, as well as radio and satellite communication, is critical for operations in dangerous, remote and often life-threatening environments. In recent years, with the fast-pace of connected technology, Sicuro has introduced integrated smart systems that provide full, Real-time Location Solutions (RTLS), M2M and IoT capabilities. 

In order to keep clients fully informed of the ever-changing security, political, environmental situations and prevalent threats across austere locations across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, Sicuro formed its SicuroIMS data-driven incident reporting and alerts service. 

Also catering to clients in high risk and challenging environments, Sicuro International supplies mission critical and often export-controlled items to a variety of specifications and range of deadlines. Sicuro has experience in the export control (ITAR, ECO, MoFA and other), logistics and clearance of equipment such as body armour, surveillance, medical items, tactical equipment, and more. 

Consulting Approach

Consulting is at the heart of Sicuro’s approach. This helps organisations re-design operations for greater efficiency and ultimately transforming enterprises

Deep Industry Expertise

Sicuro has 12 years of expertise in delivering and optimising operations in some of the most conflictive and hostile places in the world

Customised Solutions

World-class customised solutions that make full use of the capability of Sicuro’s R&D team and the latest technologies to serve the needs of organisations

Meet the team

Engineering and R&D

Sicuro’s dedicated operations and R&D team have each graduated in electronic and telecommunications engineering from top-tier universities. The team are often deployed on client projects and are also available in Dubai to support clients from Sicuro’s 24/7 ops centre.

Executive and Operations Management 

Sicuro’s executives travel to clients’ sites throughout the world to support the planning, implementation and maintenance of solutions throughout project lifecycles.

Research and Analytics Management

SicuroIMS management have graduated with undergraduate and master’s degrees from worldwide top-tier universities. The team have previously worked either directly or indirectly with major international organisations and have in country experience of many high-risk locations across the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia. 

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From launching the first incident mapping platform in the region to winning awards for new vertical development in security sector from Motorola, Sicuro continues to surpass several set milestones since its inception in 2005.
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